About TravelSavvyDad

TRAVEL SAVVY DAD is an comprehensive on-line guide that explores the complicated and often times intimidating world of awards travel, especially as it applies to family travel.

Not everyone is single, comes from a well to do family that afford them expensive travel in the first place.  Major travel blogs today are a showcase of incredible travel that unless you’re being subsidized by the credit card companies is not possible for an average person, never mind a family.

Other blogs and forums are heavy with with bussiness travelrers whoese employers reimburse them for first-class international travel which earns them incredible amount of miles/points, which again is not your typical family that would like to understand and learn how to utilize the available methods to gain access to award travel.

So finally you’re here — this blog is being written by an average dad just trying to make it in a rat race, to have fun, and most imporantly to afford travel for my family which otherwise would not be affordable.  I’m not sponsored by Chase,  I don’t buy first class tickets out of pocket nor do I get them for work and I actually have no statuses on any of the major airlines — But, we still travel, see and enjoy the world.

Follow me and you and your family will too.