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Feb 17

Amazing Deal on Minneapolis to San Juan PR travel


There is an amazing deal right now available for May travel between Minneapolis and San Juan, Puerto Rico. Now May is typically the start of Spring in Minnesota, but it’s still early enough that it won’t be too warm in Minneapolis but it’ll be perfect in San Juan.

Delta Itinerary

I’ve done a sample itinerary for Friday May 6th through Friday May 13th and the price comes out to an amazing $339 total (includes tax & fees).
Amazing Deal MSP to SJU


There are two caveats that I can think off immediately:

  • The flights are not direct and you have 1 stop each way
  • There’s a Zika virus warning for Puerto Rico right now


Honestly, considering how cheap the flight is, only $339, this is an acceptable caveat. Make the best of your stop-over hassle and turn it into a relaxing and fun time, either alone, or with family by reading one of my previous posts.

Zika Virus

Now this one is a little bit more of concern, especially if you’re a young and in child-bearing years family. At this point, considering that there is no vaccine nor cure you may want to skip this great deal. If you’re traveling solo (male), , or if you’re old and past your kids/family phase, then you should obviously jump on it.

Worth it?

Depending on your family status and situation this could either be a great deal or a very risky deal, but the fact that this fare is available so cheaply is worth notifying my readers about. As always, typically these deals won’t last, so if you’re considering about booking I’d suggest doing so in the next 24 hours or so. Also, don’t forget to use a credit card that pays you extra points for Travel Category so you’ll get double the points from your credit card company and also frequent flyer miles through Delta.


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