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Feb 03

Amazing New York to Hawaii Deal

Amazing Round-Trip Fair from New York to Hawaii for $575

There are a few very cheap fares available right now between New York City (JFK) and Hawaii (HNL) for March that are showing up. I did a quick search for a 7 day trip and here’s what the spread for the few weeks in March looks like:
Amazing New York to Hawaii Deal

Thursday to Thursday itinerary is pricing out at just $575 per person, roundtrip and all taxes included. Looking further at the exact itineraries we see the following:
Amazing New York to Hawaii Deal

My big concern with this cheapest fare would be:
– You’re flying out at 7:15AM, pretty early
– You’ll actually have to be at the airport by at least 6AM, more time is needed if traveling with a child
– You have a 6+ hour lay-over in Seattle
– You won’t be getting to Hawaii until after 9PM, essentially you’re spending a full day traveling

If you’re flying with a child this could be a very daunting itinerary. One way to mitigate, if you’ve read [my article about lounge access] ( , would be to utilize the Delta Lounge (even though you’re not flying Delta) to get a little rest, drink & food at the lounge.

Or, if it was personally my itinerary and we were traveling with our baby I would book the direct Hawaiian Airlines flight for $678, which is still a great deal, and for $200 you don’t waste your whole day traveling with a long lay-over and you’re arriving in Hawaii before 5PM so that means you can still enjoy Honolulu for a few hours that day.

If you’re thinking about booking either one of these itineraries — as always with the Amazing deals that I post — do so quickly, I expect the fares to be gone within the next 24 hours, or less.


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