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Apr 24

Amex and Staples

Amex and Staples Offer

I previously wrote about that I’m a fan of Amex Offers. And recently browsing through the app I found an offer for $25 off at any purchase over $100 through Staples’ website:
Amex and Staples

Now not to be a snob, $25 is $25, but a lot of times I can find better and cheaper things on Amazon and I don’t really have a large shopping list of office supplies valued at $100+ that I need to go out and buy.

Thinking out of box

Thinking out of box when you’re doing credit card scheming usually involves gift cards, so gift cards is definitely something I could use. I started looking around Staples’ website and they do offer a large selection of gift cards that are available, anything from debit Visa/Amex cards to other retailer’s gift cards.

Some are definitely better deal than others. The most straight forward way would be to purchase a $100 Visa gift card and get $25 off on it, which is essentially $100 cash for $75, not too shabby. But… the Visa/Amex card come with a $5.99 loading fee and also have shipping costs associated with them, so while you’re still coming ahead on the $25, you’re coming up really short.

I started poking around gift cards to retailers that we actually use. My wife is a big fan of Banana Republic and we buy a lot of stuff for our toddler at Baby Gap — so imagine my pleasant surprise when I found out that Staples is actually running a %20 off promotion on Gap cards. Another great aspect of these cards is that they’re e-cards, there is no shipping charge for them and they simply get mailed to you:
Amex and Staples

I ended up buying $125 worth of Gap gift cards for $100 on my Amex card and immediately got an email notification from Amex saying that I’ve successfully used my $25 rebate offer and it’ll be showing up on my credit shortly.

So long story short, I got $125 of Gap Gift cards for $75, an incredible value. As a matter of fact, we already used $60 of that Gap cash today on some new clothes for our boy 😉

Happy dealing out there


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