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Jan 23

Cancelling a non-refundable hotel booking

I wrote about our upcoming current trip out to the East cost to spend some time iwth friends and family here and here  – and this morning we woke up in our hotel in Hartford and the Weather Channel wasn’t too kind in its predictions for the rest of our trip:


Jonas is coming to NYC

We were obviously concerned because while we were sure we could get to NYC without any issues today the difficult part would be trying to leave a city that will potentially be paralyzed by 10-18″ of snow.  So we made the call to bail on NYC and I tried to call the hotel with regards to trying to cancel our reservation, and as expected they were very busy at the hotel because we coudln’t even get a person to speak to and my phonecall went to a messaging service.  I politely explained our situation in the message and also wrote an email to the hotel at the address that was on my confirmation.  I was somewhat concerned because my reservation was made for a non-refundable fare but a few hours later I got the following email:



Companies understand extreme situations and they want to keep you as a loyal customer so many times they will work with you — just take the time to reach out in a polite manner and explain your situation.


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