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Mar 31

Easy Miles with AMEX Offers

Sometime ago I wrote about my favorite credit card company,  and today I wanted to talk about how one gets even more value out of it: AMEX Offers


AMEX Offers

If you’ve enrolled your AMEX card in an online account, or if you’re using AMEX mobile app you should already have “Offers” be available to you.  There is no cost of adding these offers to your card, think of it as simply cutting out a coupon and AMEX remembers when to actually apply it for you.  Next time you make an eligible purchase, AMEX will award you the benefit at the next billing cycle.  As you can see in the example above, I have over $400 in savings, and I’m probably a rookie compared to some other people.  These offers included everything from discounts on iTunes cards, Target purchases, etc.

One of the best offers going around right now is double points on Amazon purchases and the offer is available on any purchase made between now and July 31, 2016.  We buy a lot of stuff on Amazon, from cat stuff to baby stuff and everything in between, and now that my city has Prime Now we can even have all these and more items delivered to us, for free, within 2 hours of ordering.   So, this is a perfect opportunity to rack up easy AMEX points, especially if you’re using something like the Everyday card this essentially would mean that you’re getting 3 points for every $1 spent on Amazon, pretty much a 6% rebate at my current evaluation.

What are some of your most sucessful offer stories?


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