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Feb 07

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I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a while, as I described in the first post, but this summer I decided to go out and get a video camera — I ended up getting a GoPro Hero4 because I figured it’s small enough and definitely waterproof enough to follow Baby L around as he’s growing up.  Whenever I think of family videos I always think of the dads of the 1980’s carrying massive videocameras on their shoulders, so this is about as far on the size and “uncool” factor as you can get, well at least that’s what I keep telling myself — my wife thinks is obnoxious when I walk around with a GoPro on a little tripod1 during all of our vacations sticking the little camera in everyone’s face.

And it’s definitely been an adventure learning the video editing programs, getting extra hardrives to store all the processed videos, etc.  But, today, I think it’s all worth it.  I started the official Travel Savvy Dad YouTube Channel and have uploaded the first video:

Hopefully if you follow us on here you’ll also follow us on our YouTube channel as I plan on complimenting my posts on here with travel videos and reviews.

  1. Please note that this post contains some affiliate links to  All products that are listed are actual products that I’m using and have purchased with my own money, I was not given them for reviews or free of charge prior to purchase.  I’m disclosing the links to be transparent with my readers.  If you like what you read here and you’re considering purchasing any of these video accessories please consider using my links to help support the costs of running this website.



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