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Jan 29

Great Deals on Trans-Con Flights in February

Amazing deals on Trans-Con Flights in February

There are a few amazing opportunities right now available if you’re on the east coast and wanted to visit California, Los Angeles in specific. Because of the distance that a JFK->LAX flight covers prices are usually fairly expensive, but right now there’s very good availability of round-trip tickets for less than $300, all tax and fees included.

I’ve done a search on two sample itineraries, one for a quick weekend get away and another for a 7 day trip.

Week-long Trip

I’ve picked the most desirable week long get away, traveling Friday to Friday and the price is pretty incredible:
Great Deals on Trans-Con Flights in February

$266 roundtrip total! And the exact itinerary looks something like this:
Great Deals on Trans-Con Flights in February

And you actually have multiple Airlines available, at which point I’d probably chose Virgin vs. JetBlue anytime.

Quick Weekend Get-Away

And if you can’t give up a week of vacation but would like to visit California over the weekend there’s still an excellent deal for a weekend travel:
Great Deals on Trans-Con Flights in February

A great deal at $277 and the exact itinerary looks like this:
Great Deals on Trans-Con Flights in February

This time you do have to fly JetBlue, but if you have enough flexibility and can return on a Tuesday your flight will actually cost an incredibly low $237!

Family Travel

So for a family traveling with a lap child you’ll be spending right around $500 to travel round trip between New York City and Los Angeles. This is an absolutely amazing deal and won’t be around for too long. Typically when I find and post these I consider their “shelf-life” to be around 24 hours, so if you were planning on visiting California I would suggest you jump on this opportunity immediately.


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