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Mar 10

How To Maximize Grocery Store Bonuses

Credit Cards

There are a few cards out there, specifically from American Express, that offer substantial bonus on your spend at grocery stores. For example, the EveryDay card gives you up to 4.5 points for every $ spent in a grocery store, considering that I value my Amex points at about 2 cents, it’ss like getting 9% off for anything that you buy at a grocery store. Amex also offers straight 5% cash back a card like Blue Cash, if you wanted to supplement your mile-earning cards.


There are always rules, or the small print. In this case, if you’re from mid-west and you love your Target, this won’t work. Amex limits “grocery stores”
to major national chains that primarily sell groceries, not department stores that also happen to have a grocery section. Another negative, is that your local corner grocer may not be applicable simply because they’re too small.

Another rule is the cap how much awards you can get. Amex limits these great bonuses to about $6000-6500 per year, depending on the card. Still, if you get both of these cards you’re essentially looking at getting close to $1000 back on all your grocery purchases for the year.

Maximizing Spend

If you’re a single person it may be really difficult to rack up $600/mo in groceries, even for most small families this may be too much to spend purely on groceries. But, the great thing is that all grocery stores sell gift cards to places that you inevitably shop at anyways: BestBuy, Netflix, Amazon, etc., etc.. I would suggest from staying away from small demonination Visa, MasterCard and similar gift cards as you’ll be paying 4-6$ fee on top of that, where’s the other cards that I mention come with absolutely no fee.

My Choice

We shop at Amazon, a lot. I buy pretty much everything on there, and with Prime, it gets delivered within 2 days. My city also has Prime Now — so I literally can get items delivered to my house within 2 hours for free. This is great when you wake up in the morning and realize we’ve run out of milk or yogurt or dipers and you really don’t want to leave the house because it’s snowing or raining. So everytime we go to a grocery store I pick up a $50-100 Amazon gift card, load it to my account and spend it — This way I easily hit the limits imposed by Amex.


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