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How To Stay In Shape When Traveling



Travel, for all of its great benefits has one very big negative: It has a tendency potential to disrupt your routines, and often for the negative. When you’re on vacation you’ll have a tendency to relax and may skip excersise, if you’re flying often for work it can be exhausting and the last thing you want to do after traveling all day long is hit the gym.


To make it simpler for yourself pick one activity and stick with it. I’ve recently gotten into running, not that I like it — I actually hate it sometimes, but it’s a great cardio activity and really doesn’t require any special gear or equipment. And now that I’ve been doing it for a while I feel like my brain has adjusted to running and it’s almost like I’m on autopilot, my legs are doing the running but my mind is thinking about whatever, it’s a great way to actually unwind. So pick an activity that you think you can commit to, unless you’re super regimented I wouldn’t be advising to be keeping a cardio/weighlifting/stretching routines all going at once during travel.

Make It Accessible

Eliminate any hurdles from your chosen activity because when traveling any hurdle can become a huge de-motivator. If you need special gear or special equipment think about chosing a different activity or being creative (start doing pushups, situps, squats, etc., in your room, that way you don’t need a gym in your hotel).

Prepare The Night Before

When we traveled back out East I packed all my running related stuff in a separate comparatment of my suitcase so I consciously knew where it was and it was easily available to me. I didn’t have to fumble and piece it together once we got to the hotel room, I simply unziped the compartment and there was my windbreaker, my sneakers, sox, shirt and shorts. I really had no easy excuse not to get dressed and go for a run, and that’s important — mitigagte your excuses

Enjoy It

A big benefit of running somewhere for me is that it’s like a walk but ~3x faster. Anywhere you can walk you can technically run. If you get to a new city you can go on a quick jog and within 30 minutes you can discover things that are at least 1.5miles away from your hotel. You can make mental notes of a park, restaurant, museum, etc. And not only have to already got a head-start on your location but you’ve burned a few hundred calories doing it.

So that’s my take on it, it’s very easy to lose your healthy momentum when you’re traveling and even easier to make excuses not to excercises, but when you’re traveling I think you need excercise the most — it keeps you grounded in familiar activities, it calms you down and it keeps you healthy. So consider the tips above, they’re all meant to address excuses that you may maek up in your mind, remove any of the excuses and it’ll be easy to stay in shape when you’re traveling. Good luck!


Feb 23

SouthWest Companion Pass

southwest companion pass

The SouthWest Companion Pass

There is a great benefit that SouthWest offer, which incidentally I don’t think they promote enough. And now is the time to earn and utilize it…

What Is It?

A SouthWest companion pass is a benefit that you earn after either completing 100 one-way flights with SouthWest or if you earn 110,000 SouthWest points. Now unless you’re a crazy road-traveler I don’t know anyone that does 100 flights per year, that’s essentially a flight every 3 days, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. This benefit allows you to designate a “companion”, be it your partner, spouse, child, parent or even a friend, and when this person travels with you their flight only costs the tax fee. This has incredible potential if you designate your spouse as your “companion” and you’re traveling with a lap child — all your family trips essentially cost the price of just one ticket plus 2x the taxes, in most cases it will be less than $50, sometimes by a lot.

Why get it now?

The second question is why now? Now is important because the Companion Pass benefit is valid for the remainder of the year in which you earn it plus the full next year. So the earlier you earn it in the first year, the closer you actually get to having this benefit, if you earn it now you’ll have it for 22 month!

How to get it?

Perhaps this is the most important question. As I already mentioned, if you’re a family looking for affordable travel, you most likely won’t be gaining this through booking 100 flights, nor will you be collecting 110,000 SouthWest points through flights alone anytime soon.

southwest companion pass

Thankfully, there is an offer currently available for a SouthWest Credit Card where you will receive 50,000 points after spending $2000. So technically you’ll be getting 52,000 points. The key is that both you and your spouse/partner take out individual cards, and you’re going to have 104,000 points available to you. You’re just 6000 points away from 110,000 criteria, something you can quickly earn by purchasing $500 gift cards and paying your mortgage/rent/car with them or any bill for that matter. Considering that it’s tax season (not only federal but also property taxes) you can also charge those fees to this card and earn spend that way. Typically I would advise against doing this because most tax payment processors charge a 2.5% surcharge, but if you’re going to get a companion pass out of it it’s fully worth it.


A SouthWest Companion Pass is a great benefit that’s often not advertised and on the surface can seem completely unattainable to an average family. But, hopefully after reading through the above post it will be clear that it is attainable with minimum effort and it offers incredible travel potentials for families.


Feb 17

Amazing Deal on Minneapolis to San Juan PR travel


There is an amazing deal right now available for May travel between Minneapolis and San Juan, Puerto Rico. Now May is typically the start of Spring in Minnesota, but it’s still early enough that it won’t be too warm in Minneapolis but it’ll be perfect in San Juan.

Delta Itinerary

I’ve done a sample itinerary for Friday May 6th through Friday May 13th and the price comes out to an amazing $339 total (includes tax & fees).
Amazing Deal MSP to SJU


There are two caveats that I can think off immediately:

  • The flights are not direct and you have 1 stop each way
  • There’s a Zika virus warning for Puerto Rico right now


Honestly, considering how cheap the flight is, only $339, this is an acceptable caveat. Make the best of your stop-over hassle and turn it into a relaxing and fun time, either alone, or with family by reading one of my previous posts.

Zika Virus

Now this one is a little bit more of concern, especially if you’re a young and in child-bearing years family. At this point, considering that there is no vaccine nor cure you may want to skip this great deal. If you’re traveling solo (male), , or if you’re old and past your kids/family phase, then you should obviously jump on it.

Worth it?

Depending on your family status and situation this could either be a great deal or a very risky deal, but the fact that this fare is available so cheaply is worth notifying my readers about. As always, typically these deals won’t last, so if you’re considering about booking I’d suggest doing so in the next 24 hours or so. Also, don’t forget to use a credit card that pays you extra points for Travel Category so you’ll get double the points from your credit card company and also frequent flyer miles through Delta.

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