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Feb 08

What are the differences between Open-Jaw, Layover & Stopover?

What are the differences between Open-Jaw, Layover & Stopovers? Many casual travelers are not aware of the terms “Open-Jaw” and may have an idea bout Layover & Stopover, so as the purpose of the blog is to provide knowledge I figured I’d write a quick post explaining the little difference between each of the three …

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Jan 14

Tips for Family Travel Planning

At the beggining of every new year my wife and I talk about our travel strategies and wishes for the year.  We also end up dividing all our available vacation into something that looks like this: 30% of total vacation gets planned for “long term” defined times 30% of  gets put away friends/family events 30% …

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Jan 09

Traveling with your baby

   Traveling with a child, especially a small child, can not only be stressful but also intimidating.  Many factors and questions often stare new parents in the face: At what age can we travel with our baby? I would say the answer to the first question should come 50% from your pediatrician and 50% from …

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